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Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt within your mouth. When they align properly and allow for the gum tissue to remain healthy, they do not have to be removed. Unfortunately this does not always occur and the wisdom teeth may grow in sideways, emerge only partially from the gum, or remain trapped between the gum and the bone.  When they are poorly positioned, food can get trapped between the wisdom tooth and the tooth directly in front, and this may result in decay, pain, swelling, or infection. In some serious cases, an abscess may develop around an impacted wisdom tooth and can cause severe pain and destruction of the jawbone. Removing the offending teeth will often resolve these problems.

The wisdom teeth are removed under local anaesthesia, where the tooth, jawbone and gums surrounding the wisdom tooth are numbed up. If you are more apprehensive, there is the option for intravenous, conscious sedation, whereby an anaesthetist is on hand to induce a deep state of relaxation. During the procedure, you may experience some pressure, but should not experience any pain. Depending on the clinical situation, some of the bone may need to be removed and the tooth may need to be sectioned to make it easier to be removed. 


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