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Dental emergencies can encompass a whole range of conditions, ranging from pain due to a deep cavity or filling, to fracture of a tooth due to external forces and even the tooth being knocked out. In the case of dental pain due to a cavity, the decay needs to be cleaned out and the tooth restored with a filling. Occasionally, the decay is deep enough that the nerve supplying the tooth becomes inflamed. In such a situation, the nerve needs to be removed and root canal treatment needs to be done, and this usually followed by a crown to reinforce the remnants of the tooth.

If the tooth is fractured, either due to biting on something hard or an external force, the broken tooth fragment can either be reattached to the remainder of the tooth, or a filling can be done to restore the shape of the tooth. Should the fracture result in the nerve of the tooth being exposed, the tooth would require removal of the nerve and root canal treatment followed by a crown. In rare cases, the fracture may be very severe and the tooth may need to be removed.

Should you be unfortunate enough to have your tooth knock out of your mouth, the most important thing is NOT to wash the tooth or place it in water. Instead, you should store the tooth in saline, milk or even saliva and see a dentist as soon as possible. This is because there are cells on the surface of the tooth which are critical for the tooth to be reattached to the jaw. Cleaning the tooth or placing it in water will cause these cells to die.  It is critical to have the tooth replaced in the socket as soon as possible to enable us to help you save the tooth. The longer you wait, the lower the chances of the tooth being successfully retained, as the cells on the tooth start to degrade, impacting the success of treatment. Once the tooth is replaced by your dentist, it will be attached to the neighbouring teeth to stabilize it. It is then left to heal for about two weeks, following which the nerve is removed and root canal treatment is done.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, you can contact us at our emergency number 6535 8833.


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